August 16th

1. If you are following the @studiobeaublanc instagram account, you saw last tuesday that my mom and i decided while having our morning coffee to just leave for Niagara-On-The-Lake ! Impromptu getaways are my favourite because you really allow yourself not to stress over doing everything that you planned for weeks but just to do whatever feels right at the moment ! 


I promised you all a blog post with all of our must do so here it is :

Day 01 :  My mom really wanted the Falls view from our hotel room so we booked easily on Expedia at the Sheraton on the Falls. Do yourself a favor and book a "high floor view on the falls" room for a spectacular view mornings and nights ! On Wednesday, i started with an early walk in the Victoria Park while my mom went for a bike ride down the Niagara River ParkWay. Because i had a bit of work to do on our Flynn laundry room project, i drove the car and met her down the road later in the afternoon to our first wine tasting at Trius Winery Estate.

If you are looking for an affordable wine experience with lots of  "instagrammable" spot, it is the place for you and their bubbly rosé is to die for !  Later at night, we went out for a long walk by the colorful falls and walked the whole Cliffton Hill St where you can do lots of activities such as mini putt, haunted houses and more. With all this Covid situation, we were a little hesitant doing any but still enjoyed being part of the night life !


Day 02 : On Thursday, we woke up early to enjoy as much as we could the day at Niagara-On-The-Lake ! Our motto for the day was "chasing pretty views" and we did just that ! Starting by driving down the road by the Niagara River where you can enjoy a few view points on the light blue water.


Once we reached the Niagara country side, we walked around a few vineyards such as the Ravine Wine Estate, Reif Winery and Two Sisters. By the way, the Ravine Winery won my heart by its modern meets rustic style and i would without hesitation consider it as a futur wedding location ! We than drove next to the Peller Estate Winery and decided that we REALLY wanted to have a late lunch there. Totally worth the hour wait to taste their Signature Rosé  on the patio with a sea salt fries poutine regarding their gorgeous Estate. We than parked by the famous Queen Street with all its pretty houses and boutique and decided to explore. I must have photograph about 50 houses, 15 front doors, 20 gardens and more ! If you are watching the Sweet Magnolia's series on Netflix, it was just the same. As we were ending our expedition into Niagara-On-The-Lake famous neighborhood, we stumble upon this so so charming bistro called The Gate House and decided that it would be the perfect place to end this amazing getaway with a little spritz cheers by the fountain !


If you are looking for a safe, beautiful and close to Montreal getaway, Niagara has a lot to offer and i am coming back so inspired and ready for that last summer quarter designing pretty homes !

P.s : Have appropriate clothing by shopping what I had in my suite case for this trip !