August 31st

1. Hi ! Im tired. it looks like yesterday, after 12 days in a row of working day and late nights, my brain needed to rest. Obviously, the last few days have been crazier than ever because we need to wrap on a few things on job sites + preparing everything for what is coming after our Gaspésie getaway without getting behind on anything ! SO, im sorry for writing this blog post on a Monday but feeling good about listening to my body last night and watching The Hunger Games with popcorn ; it's important to know when to rest ! 

2. On that same note, I realized with time that in order to be successful in a creative field, you need to have a healthy mind and keep yourself inspired and organized. Some days, it is just not working out and I used to be very ashamed about it.. but now I realize that I can't always be on the highest creative level and those are the days where I take the time to do admin stuff or content creation ! I use Trello to list a bunch of things that needs to get done at some point and I take those days to do some of them.

3. We have a lot of projects going on at the same time these days and I couldn't be more excited about them. Cabinets doors at our #flynnlaundryroom will arrive early September and I cannot wait to share this final space with you. Also, floors were installed this weekend at our Rochefort basement proj. Im sensing a pattern here.. Do you think im into chevron floors ? Might be.


Up : Rochefort proj

Down : Flynn proj

IMG_0161 2.JPG

5. We're leaving for Gaspésie tomorrow ! Taking our vacation with friends this year to explore this beautiful place. Gaspésie couldn't arrive at a better moment and the destination couldn't be more perfect for slow mornings, outdoor activities with friends, good food and stop thinking about work for 6 days (can't wait to see if we'll be able to ! Ha !)

6. I've been online shopping a lot lately for the trip and here are some essentials im bringing with me :

I wish you all a nice week and remember to take time for yourself !