February 6

Today, we will share with you one of our biggest secret for a successful renovation project ! Are you ready ?



It might seem like we're exaggerating saying that thinking wisely about your budget is the most important part, but at Studio Beaublanc, it is a step that we take very seriously. First of all, being honest about the amount you are willing to invest in your renovation project will make the planification of it much much easier. When working with a design firm or when doing it all by yourself, find what the sweet spot is for you  waaaaaay before, shopping for that cute kitchen faucet !

Once the budget is well established, distribution of budget  will make you realize where you can save and where you can splurge within your project.

Here's a few basic rules our team swear by :

-Always splurge on lighting and plumbing, they represent the jewelry in your space. You can easily see the difference between a high or lower end faucet for example, not only by its quality but by its general functionality.

-Always save on tiles. There are a lot of very nice tiles that you can find in many stores that are affordable and beautiful.

-Always splurge on your counters. A nice marble or quartz will make such a statement and the return on your investment will be worth every penny.

-Always save on the cabinetry. Obviously, a nice wood vanity or nice wood cabinets for your kitchen will always be better. But when your budget doesn't seem to match for that range of price, there is a lot of great finishes now that you can work with for a pretty overall look ! 

-Always splurge on good specialists. Either you are looking for a contractor, a designer or a kitchen specialist, never compromise on hiring an experimented company. They will save you time and money by bringing a level of knowledge, expertise, of strategies and references that will spare you on the "oops" "i should have" "if i had known" and save you a lot of that "just in case something happens" budget !

Once the available budget is well established for all element of a renovation, finding the right products and the right help will be much more easier and the overall process will be well organized for a successful renovation project.


Hope you all have a nice Sunday ! 

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xx -A