January 24th

1. As our team is slowly growing, i wanted to offer a bright and happy place for our team to feel comfortable and feel empowered to create beautiful homes for our clients!  Our new studio is not the biggest so the functionality of it was very important in thinking through the design. While making decisions for the space, it was a careful balance of form and function, just as we experience with our client’s homes. The most important part was to plan lots of organisational space for our 238429374 samples (and i am almost not exagerating ha !) and more seating space for when our team would all need to work together at the studio. 


2. Design wise, i wanted the studio to showcase our Beaublanc aesthetic by going with a curated classic look with a few modern accents. With all the crazy shipping delays right now, i am not sure when the office will be ready for final reveal but in the meantime, we prepared a product roundup of all our favorite office finds to help any of you who's looking to create a pretty "work from home" space ! (click to shop)

Hope you all have a nice Sunday ! 

xx -A