How we'll use trends in 2020

Each year, in January, we start to see blog post, articles on "New trends for the coming year". We find it interesting to read all of these perspectives and predictions without paying too much attention to them. At Studio Beaublanc, we are distinguished by our neutral but warm interiors juxtaposing textures, patterns and unique decorative elements. Therefore, in 2020, we will continue to focus on the construction of your spaces in an intentional and timeless way and will choose to integrate trends when they seem to integrate well with our aesthetics. Don't get us wrong, a splash of trendiness can be nice but we tend to use them on small things so when you're tired of it, you can always swap it with something new! That being said, here's a few we plan on using more this year :


We never really consider wallpapers because we feel they are a big commitment in more formal rooms. This year, we would like to learn to use them in small spaces to add character and depth !

We're really looking into using them in laundry or powder rooms. If you're into the idea, reach out now !

Here's a few of our favorites :


Like we said, we love to had textured fabrics or decor items to our design. The past few months, we've grown an obsession for all things pottery ! We love the charm and warmth it gives to a coffee table or maybe to a kitchen countertops. With love to mix it with more polished elements to create a great high end contrast with a vintage vibe.

Here's some of our favorite :


We'll be honest and say how fresh, clean and timeless a white kitchen feels ! That being said, we find ourselves being interested in darker, richer tones kitchens these days. We find they give a more moody vibe and can transform your kitchen in a very one of a kind spaces ! (We know it can seem like a big commitment, but try darker low cabinets and brighter for you upper ones, you might be surprised how much you like it !) Here's the kitchen that made us fall in love :

Favorite cabinet paint :

Follow along our journey on instagram to see how we'll implement these trends our own way in our futur projects and let us know in the comment section down below which one is your favorite !

Alex and team

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